Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Review of Click Traffic Profit

Dear Friends, If you are struggling to make money on the Internet or if you are new to Internet Marketing, you will be advised to pay special attention to this Review of Click Traffic Profit (CTP). As many on the Internet will attest, making money on the Net is a little more difficult and even more complicated than a person first realizes. We will expose a few very guarded tips and techniques that are used by most successful marketers as well as several very valuable tools that will kick start your efforts. If you have been on the Net for a while and still struggling, Pay Attention. If you are relatively new to Internet Marketing, Pay Close Attention!

A General Over View. CTP is designed as an eight step Marketing System that will basically cover the necessary beginning advertising sites, which are indeed five of the more popular sites to start to learn hands on advertising. You will learn how to build splash pages, capture pages, and squeeze pages. You will learn one of the most important tools of Internet Marketing, which is an auto responder and how to set it up and start slowly building a list of names or followers. We will touch briefly on all eight of the tools with a brief description of each.

Step 1) I Love Hits is an advertising site designed and operated by Jon Olson, who has been a vital part of the traffic exchange industry for many years. He is very well know and more importantly very respected for his knowledge and understanding of traffic exchanges as far as how and why they work so well if done correctly.

Step 2) StartXchange is owned by Tim Linden who also has the same credentials as Jon. Tim has operated and owned this traffic site since 2001. It has slowly evolved over the years in to a remarkable traffic exchange and social networking site as well.

Step 3) EasyHits4U is probably the world's most popular traffic exchange. They are rapidly approaching 400,000 members, world wide. This site offers several link back possibilities, article marketing and in the last few months or so, Geo-targeting. The site provides very detailed training for these features.

Step4) Traffic-Splash is owned by Paul Kinder, who is also recognized as one of the movers and shakers of the traffic exchange industry. The site and traffic deliver-ability is widely recognized with a lot of tools and management features provided to the membership.

Step5) Sweeva is owned and operated by Tim, Jon and a couple of traffic exchange professional. Sweeva was one of the first traffic exchanges that allow the buyer and seller to interact as the site is being viewed by the buyer. The comments and ideas back and forth between the two has proven to be an awesome tool and has also sparked the social networking capability into other traffic exchange operators as well. The Features, Advantages and Benefits are too many to try to describe her but they are awesome to say the least.

Step 6) TE Toolbox is the brain child of Tim and several of his traffic exchange pals. If you advertise on the Internet at all, tracking your results is very critical. If you think you have a great place to get advertisement, then you can now prove it to your self. This site also provides numerous site rotators, banner rotators and trackers that will greatly reduce the traffic questions in short order.

Step 7) AdKreator has probably become one of the most popular sites to build your own custom splash pages, squeeze pages, and capture pages. There are training videos galore and this site will not only start making you look like a pro with it comes to custom pages of this type, it will also save you a ton of money that you would other wise pay some one else.

Step 8) Traffic Wave is simply put, one of the most affordable and easiest to use auto responders on the Internet today. Yes, My Friend, we are going to teach you step by step, with detailed training videos, how to set up and operate your own auto responder. If you have been on the Internet for a month or so, attempting to build an Internet Business, you more than likely have heard it said already, "The money is in the list." CTP is not going to teach or encourage you to constantly bombard people with new deals all the time like some of the so-called gurus do. We will show you how to slowly and patiently build a list/team of like minded people over a period of time that you occasionally send an email to for an update or some change in your marketing site, very low ball.

As I can think you are now aware of, the above describe tools are the life blood of building a long term successful Internet Marketing Business. As you begin this journey, you will quickly discover that your income on the Internet will come for several directions, as many as 15 to 20 sources or more. A lot of those sources will very quickly become what we call, The Tools of the Trade. CTP will most assuredly provide you a great starting point for all your future endeavors.

Deb and I have been marketing on the Internet for over six years and can both assure you and attest to the fact that these described tools are the finest, most cost effective, easiest to operate, and very profitable over the long haul because we has used most of them ourselves for many years. We wish you success with these tools and will offer advise and help if needed.

Your Texas Partners in Success,
Sam and Deb Burgess